"failed to create emty document" error msg when creating DialogBar

I'd like to add Diagbar in SDI Document in MFC. (it's basic MFC document , just add to opencascade )

I just added Dialogbar named "IDD_DIALOGBAR_3" in Resouece View.

-- Header File ---

CDialogBar m_wndDialogbar;

-- Source File---

if ( !m_wndDialogbar.Create( this, IDD_DIALOGBAR_3,
TRACE0( "Failed to create dialog bar m_wndMyDialogBar\n" );
return -1; // fail to create

m_wndDialogbar.EnableDocking( CBRS_ALIGN_ANY );
EnableDocking( CBRS_ALIGN_ANY );
DockControlBar( &m_wndDialogbar );

Then, I saw the following msg.
"failed to create empty document"

When repeat this again without Opencascade , It's no err msg.

I don't know the way to solve that.

Please let me know how to solve that.

Thank you in advance.

dongman Kim's picture

I'm sorry.
I solved this problem myself.

Problem is that resource is not identified.

After cleaning build and rebuild this, I solved that problem.

Thank you for reading.