find root n variable m equation ?

I have to solve problem find root n variable m equation ?

Newton -raphson method of Open Cascade math utility support only n variables * n equation.

But I have to solve problem find n variables * m eqation. So i have to least - square method for redundant eqation solve ..

math_Jacobian classes is only supported square matrix. But I have to use Jacobian matrix not square.

so..newton -raphson method have to support n*m Please help me..

Please send me know how to solve this problem and send me sample source.

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the class math_FunctionSetRoot calculates the root of a set of N functions of M variables.

The another way is to solve corresponding minimisation problem by any suitable method of minimization from math (in fact math_FunctionSetRoot uses minimization algorithm to find roots, but you can form more appropriate for your problem function).

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