FreeCAD and cascade 6.3.0


hi, i'm buyilding freecad (the bug has bee yet reported on freecad bugzilla). with cascade 6.2 build but with 6.3.0 it fail becasue of that:

the problem seems lots variables not declared like:

/opt/OpenCASCADE/inc/MeshDS_Mesh2d.gxx:16: error: ‘NodeNumber’ was not
declared in this scope
/opt/OpenCASCADE/inc/MeshDS_Mesh2d.gxx:19: error: ‘theAlloc’ was not
declared in this scope
/opt/OpenCASCADE/inc/MeshDS_Mesh2d.gxx:22: error: ‘myAllocator’ was not
declared in this scope

that are some of not declared stuffs.. a full list is available on like posted... where are now declared? so i should be able to patch freecad. thanks


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Sir, I have been trying to create a view in a webpage, wherein I can display 3D ojects and have control over it. FreeCAD looks perfect for my requirement. But could you please suggest me ways in which I can use FreeCAD to add 3D objects in a webpage? I have STEP files (.stp), I need to convert these .stp files and render them on webpage and control them.

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Hi Bini Sara,

What I have done is to read the step file on the server, triangulate the shapes (with the required deflection). then pass the triangulated data back to the webpage.

Then on the front end use webGL to show triangulated data, or to make life easier and use a WebGL tool kit like: or

Here are some examples:



Hope it put you in right direction, Guido