"Fusing" of Faces


I understand that most of you are reluctant to help people who can't help themselves, because you don't want to be caught dead in a position where you end up doing a newcomer's work.

So I would like to make it very clear that I am completely willing to do my own work. I just need some direction from the people with more experience so that I have a starting point, a little nudge in the right direction if you will.

Problem statement:
I have code which imports the primitives from a STL file and builds up a model. I cannot build the geometry within OCC, because the geometry is made by a 3rd party and given to me.

Please refer to the attached picture: "Stitching.png".

You are now looking at the model built up from the STL file. You will also find that a single face on the model has been selected on the one edge of the model.

I need some way to "merge" or "fuse" these primitive faces together such that when the same edge face is selected on the model, then the entire face is selected and not a single primitive triangle of that face.

Could you please inform me if such functionality in OCC exists or not. If not, then I will look at different file types which contain actual geometry information and not just the bare primitive information.

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards
Jacques Coetzee

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Good news

I have resorted to an alternative file format, namely IGES.

Importing the model from IGES enables me to select the entire face of the model which is absolutely brilliant!

Jacques Coetzee