geodesic curves


I would like to trace geodesic cruves on a surface I import from a step file.
I use OCC to import and convert the step, and I have a reasonably fast and efficient solver for the geodesic equations (a simple sode actually)

I am wondering what is best way to incorporate that in OCC.
If anyone has some pointers, please let me know.


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Interesting! I'll have a stab at implementing it if you're willing to share the solver ;)
It sure would be cool to have a geodesic algorithm that works well...

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I'll need a bit of time to make the code readable by someone else. I am playing with different implementation and trying to figure out what is the best approach for the problem (stiff or non-stiff solver, implicit or explicit, etc...).

I'll post the code soon.


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Terrific! Exciting Pierre!


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hi Pierre,

Still curious to hear about your geodesics implementation...

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I also think that it is interesting.

Nowadyas am interesting in finding approximation of current set of faces to linear surface (to find directional curve and directional vector of linear-surface constructing lines).

So nowadyas I will try to implement a rude way of finding normal section on each face's point.
Se second way is to find the set of directional edges and declare them as directional curve. Then start an aproximation process like a non-linear optimization task.

If you have an idea to find some simplifications using OCC - I will be glad to hear about them.

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Hello Pierre and Jelle,

are there any news about the geodesics? Is there already some code that can be used to compute geodesic curves in OCC?

Thanks and bye,

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Dear all,

OPEN CASCADE has completed the development of an algorithm for computation of geodesic curves.
This algorithm, after certification and packaging, will be proposed on a commercial basis, similar to our existing added-value products (
Should you have a wish to get early access to this functionality, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Best regards,
Forum supervisor