GeomAPI_ProjectPointOnCurve VS ShapeAnalysis_Curve::Project

IS there any difference between GeomAPI_ProjectPointOnCurve and ShapeAnalysis_Curve::Project??? Thanks a lot.

Mauro Mariotti's picture

Good question.
It seems that ShapeAnalysis_Curve::Project is mostly used when the point is supposed to be on the curve, within the input "preci" (tolerance).
In the code there is this
   if (distmin > preci) OK = Standard_False;
Then if !OK it tries different strategies, trying to find a distance which is smaller than "preci".
I suspect that this and other changes (marked " PTV 29.05.2002" and "BUG NICOLAS") were made with this intention, although maybe the original meaning was of a general projection.

I hope the current OCC developers and gurus can clarify this.