Geometric bounded box


I'm quite new in CASCADE, and I would like to retrieve the bounded box from a Geom_BoundedSurface. I've tried with the TopoDS_Shape object and BRepBndLib::Add method, but results is computed on all the surface definition. I just want the bounded box for the bounded surface. I don't find solution in documentation yet..

thank you, Sebastien.

Jean Michel Boulcourt's picture

Try to use instead BRepBndLib::AddClose to see if it fits your needs. BRepBndLib::Add gives a very rough bounding box.

Sebastien Schneider's picture

Thank you, I use another method which seems to do that I want by using BndLib_AddSurface::Add function with the GeomAdaptor_Surface from my TopoDS_Face, and his bounds. I don't try yet AddClose methods, but I will.