Gtkmm + OpenCascade

Hi, all !

After a lot of time, and after a lot of confutions at last i have some conclutions on doing a OCC widget class on wxWidgets or on Gtk++

OpenCascade don't create its own OpenGL context, it use a windows that has a GL context activated. If you see the simple tutorial MakeBottle (that come with OCC intalletion) on view.cxx file, you can see that for the X11 case it creates a window using Xlib and it assings a GL context to this window throw GLX. After this it takes its XID (throw Qt winId() method) and create a Xw_window that wrap this X11 window to be used in the rest of opencascade calls !.

Then with this knowlage i began to work on my wxWindows widget. But on this process, it was clear to me that i need to study GTK++. A lot of work only to do a widget on wxWindows, then i decide to work directly on Gtk++, or better on Gtkmm (its C++ wrapper).

On this moment using Gtkmm, GtkGlExt , GtkGlExtmm, i wrote a widget class GtkOpenCascade3d, that only show a OCC shape on a window.

i only prove my code on linux.

Edwin Barrios Nuñez