Help Requested with NT Installation

I have correctly downloaded all of the source code and Windows NT binaries into the default folder Cas3.0 using Winzip.

However, I find the source code installation readme file very confusing and in any case I do not understand the last section as it concerns compiling operations in Visual C++ that I am not familiar with.

Can somebody supply me with the information I need to be able to test the Draw environment?

It would help if the readme files for Windows NT did not contain references to the Linux and Sun OS' and I think that other users would appreciate this also.

Kind regards,

Alan Hazell

Heinrich Kiehm's picture

Hi Mr. Hazell,

I have similar problems, but i didn't try to use draw... for there is a library missing (tcl76.dll) but i compiled the 3DViewer for NT. Copiling and Linking is no problem, but running does not work. I get ''Fatal Error During Graphis Init....". This error is called from "CSampleViewer3dApp::CSampleViewer3dApp() {


{myGraphicDevice = new Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice();}


{AfxMessageBox("Fatal Error During Graphic Initialisation");} } " ?????

If you have similar problems or answers... please send me a mail.

Regards Heinrich Kiehm