How to build the Open cascade in Window2000+VC6.0

I open the *.dsw file according the document. but
VC compiler often say that many head file cannot find.
(In some .cxx files, there are not include the correct head file, and in the body of that .cxx file, the class real used. so need I put all these head file by myself?)

very thankx

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did you included the "inc" dir to your VC settings??


Patrik Müller

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I had the same problem, and more I'couldnt find the files in the downloded archive. It seem's to me as if the windows archiv is somhow incomplete or corrupted after download. What I did is to download the (unix) tar- version. After that I installed it over the already installed files. Now everything works fine, as far as VC6 can handle projects of this size.

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OCC projects compilation makes the pc dead slow.

Best Rgds.