How can I compile OpenGL module?

I'm using OpenCASCADE 3.1 And my programming evironment is Windows 2000, Visual C++ 6.0. I want to recompile all modules. But there is not workspace files for OpenGL library. How can I compile OpenGL module?

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Try this: 1. Go there -> 2. Then click on and download the file TKOpenGl.dsp. Place this file in your OCC/adm/WindowsNT directory with name OpenGl.dsp. Edit the file OpenGl.dsp and replace the strings "TKOpenGl" by "OpenGl". 3. Send VC++. 4.VC++ may crash and cry for files not found , if any remove from the OpenGl.dsp file the corresponding 4 lines below ( here an example for OpenGl_Error_0.cxx !!) SOURCE=..\..\drv\OpenGl\OpenGl_Error_0.cxx # ADD CPP /I ..\..\inc /I ..\..\drv\OpenGl /I ..\..\src\OpenGl /D "__OpenGl_DLL" # End Source File # Begin Source File

Good luck.

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You can find one at :

take the patch Patch-VisualC++-Project