How to create edge/line/wire with 2 vertices?

I'm trying to solve this problem [1]. In order to do it I want to create script for DRAWEXE to replicate the issue. I understand the basics, but I can't figure out how to make edge from 2 vertices. I tried mkedge, wire, line, but nothing seems to provide function to create edge from 2 vertices. Is there a way to do it or I should calculate the direction and use "line"? My (not working) script:


vertex  A 0 0 0
vertex  B 0 0 25
vertex  C 0 0 0
vertex  D 0 0 5

line l1 A 0 0 1
line l2 C 0 0 1

mkedge e1 l1  
mkedge e2 l2 

wire w1 e1 e2

revol w1 w -5 5 0 0 0 1 360

vdisplay w1




P.S. I hope I post in the right section...

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Have you missed "edge" command taking two vertices?

Draw[2]> he mkedge
mkedge          : mkedge edge curve [surface] [pfirst plast] [vfirst [pfirst] vlast [plast]]
Draw[3]> he edge
edge            : edge edgename v1 v2
Draw[4]> he vertex
vertex          : vertex name [x y z | p edge | poin]
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Thank you!!!