how do you collaborate on OpenCASCADE projects with other people?

As you can probably tell by now, I am new to OpenCASCADE (and CAD environments in general) and am learning about it now :)

Let's say you work on a project for a company and you want to collaborate with somebody from a company in another country, how would you do it? More specifically, how would you create your work and how would you share it with the other person?

I assume that you would build an application using the WOK environment. Would you export your work in some file fomat (e.g. STEP or IGES). How would your collaborator view and possibly modify your work?

Are there alternative ways for you to develop OCC application - besides using WOK? Are there alternative ways to share the work with a collaborator?

I wanted to get different ideas about how people are doing this. I have never done these kind of things.
Thanks in advance.

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Peter Djalaliev

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What differents between development for Open CASCADE and for other applications? I think you can use usual technologies. Also it is not necessary to use WOK.

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Valery, thanks for the reply!

When you say "for other applications", do you mean for other CAD environments? In other words, what do you mean by the usual technologies?

I haven't done development for CAD applications before.


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I guess another (and maybe simpler) way to ask my question is: when you collaborate with other people, do you share with your collaborator a whole OCC application or do you export data in file formats (e.g. STEP or IGES) and share those files?

I am working on some research which involves enabling companies to collaborate on CAD projects in a controlled, trusted way - i.e. the companies are able to set some restrictions on the way the potentially confidential data, which they have shared, is used by their collaborators. The project would involve modifying the Linux operating system and probably OpenCASCADE to enable this trusted collaboration.

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Mmm, I did't understand, Peter, what about we are speaking. About collaborative program development (using OCC) or about collaborative geometry development using some OCC-application?
I thought about program development. For this you can use such tools like CVS, VSS,...
About geometric develpment. There are not special tools in OCC now. You need to implement it yourself.

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So, should I understand that there is no available application that you can use to edit files (such as STEP or IGES files) using the GUI of that application?

To make a parralel, in Photoshop, for example, you open an image, edit it through the GUI tools provided by Photoshop and then save/export the modified image.

Are there any OpenCascade applications available that would allow to perform the same kind of action - to open a document, edit it using GUI tools, and then save it?

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Open CASCADE offers both geometrical/topological format - .brep and OCAF (generic structured document) for persistence. If you're only concerned about shape geometry you might consider .brep as analogue of .step or .iges.

Using your analogue of Photoshop - if all your community uses the same application then of course they can open/edit/save the files between each other. If they use different applications - then they may import/export .brep, .iges, ... files, if and only if application enables that. Editing application-specific data (e.g. assigning steel material to a box) in another application (e.g. used for sketching) is obviously impossible until each application has a knowledge of the file produced by another app.