how enter fuction i multiple equation?

Dear Sir!

I would like to know how do i enter multiple fuction in math_FuctionSetRoot.

That is : In math_FunctionSetRoot (math_FunctionSetWithDerivatives& F, const math_Vector& StartingPoint, const math_Vector& Tolerance, const Standard_Integer NbIterations = 100);

I have to enter multiple fuctions in math_FunctionSetWithDerivatives& F of argument in math_FunctionSetRoot.

But in Sample, The content describe only single fuction.

But I have to enter multiple fuction.

I would like to know how do i enter mulple fuction. Please send me how do i?

Please send me sample source.

Thanks in advanced.

Best Regards.

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sorry I don't have simple sample source. You can have a look, for example on file Extrema_FunctExtSS.cxx. This class inherits FunctionSetWithDerivatives and provides calculations for 4 equations with 4 variables.

Generally, you must write methods Value(X, F) that computes vector F - values for each your equations for given vector X, Derivatives(X,D) and so on.

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