How to get other data than simple shapes from brep (extrusion e.g.)

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use OCCs (own?) BRep Format for data exchange. I found that when I store (for example) an extrusion made with "Geom_SurfaceOfLinearExtrusion", it is stored in a BRep file as extrusion (not like when I do it with makePrism but thats not the point). 

My question now is, how do I recover that extrusion from this BRep file when I load (read) it? I am using "BRepTools::Read" to get a TopoDS_Shape from the file but I am only able to access the shapes, how do I get the extrusion?

I am using the C# wrapper, if that's of interest.

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Hello Luzius,

In Open CASCADE Technology, Geom_SurfaceOfLinearExtrusion is a type of geometrical surface.

Since BRep format is a native format of Open CASCADE Technology the types of objects are not modified when a shape model is storing to or retrieved from this format.

So, if originally a surface in your prism object was Geom_SurfaceOfLinearExtrusion it will remain this type after storing and retrieving.

You just need to extract this surface from your shape object using the dedicated API.

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thank you I found it. For anyone looking for the same: With BRep_Tool you can get the Geom_Surface of a Face and extract the type as well with all included data.

Cheers, Luz