How to run Open Cascade Program

I have installed the software. When I run the samples I got an error message that says "The procedure entry point?EndScope@Handle_Standed_Transient@@AAEXXZ could not be located in the dynamic link library TKernel.dll".
How can I run the program?

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OCC is very 'fragil' when it comes to the location of its DLLs. The easiest way to have OCC working is to have both the DLLs and the executable in the same location. One would expect that just by having the path to OCC's DLLs in the PATH environment variable should be enough, but other environment variables may cause OCC to complain. It's a really annoying issue that most people don't seem to have. Try copying the executable to the same folder where OCC's DLLs are located and run it from there. It's not the best practice to do that, but it seems to work everytime everywhere.

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Thanks for the comments. I tried that too. But the problem still exists. Still it pops Entry point not found error. Is it wrong version of dll?

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Hi, have you already solved this issue? I also encounter this error. :(

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I come to this issue too. Can anyone find a better way?

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Maybe this helps: Dynamic-Link Library Redirection

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The 'decoration' of your function's name implies issues with c/c++ 'name mangling'.

While your application could locate and load Tkernel.dll, it is looking for the wrong function name.

What development-plattfrom and language do you use?