How to select vertex in occt7.3.0

what is the proper way of selecting a vertex from the view ? 

i use mContext->Select(true);  in the left_mouse_down event handler

and use


mContext->Activate(AIS_Shape::SelectionMode(TopAbs_VERTEX ), Standard_True);

 mContext->MoveTo(point.x, point.y, mView, true);

in mouse_move event handler

is this the proper method of doing that ? if not what should i do?!



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any ideas ?!

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It doesn't look completely wrong. Have you tried it? What is your problem?

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In the mouse move handler function you should only call AIS_InteractiveContext::MoveTo().

Deactivate() + Activate() should be called once elsewhere in some function when the user starts to select some vertices.

Make also sure that point.x and point.y are relative to the top-left corner of the OpenCascade rendering window (and not global coords).

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yes, i tried that too.

(for activate/deactivate inside or outside the handler)  it works for edges , faces,bodies ,... but not for vertex!!!

it doesn't show vertices highlighted nor selected!!

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i also tried that code :

aGeom_Cartpnt = new Geom_CartesianPoint(20.0, 20.0, 20.0);

ais_pnt = new AIS_Point(aGeom_Cartpnt);


mContext->Display(ais_pnt, Standard_False);

and it didn't display a point or + mark at (20,20,20) too !!

i thought i may have a problem with displaying vertices or points!

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And if you create a vertex like this?

gp_Pnt point(20.0, 20.0, 20.0);

TopoDS_Vertex vertex = BRepBuilderAPI_MakeVertex(point);

... new AIS_Shape(vertex);

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yes i tried it before and it didn't display it 

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I also had that once that vertices didn't appear, especially when they were quite far away from the origin. I found out, that there were displayed correctly when I performed depth panning after adding them. For that I am using this method:

void View::performDepthPanning()

myView is of type V3d_View (code similar to the Qt Tutorial sample).