I cannot STEP assembly file.

I am using DataExchange and Visualiztion Module of OpenCASCADE library.

I test sample code(08_SampleImportExport).

I think that this sample read and view IGES & STEP Part files well.

But in case of STEP Assembly file, this sample doesnot work.

How can I read and visualize STEP Assembly files?

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In fact, the assembly in STEP can be encoded in several different ways. Open CASCADE translator reads all types of STEP assemblies when they are written in single STEP file. Even if the assembly is defined with some errors, it will still read it (hopefully) unless the error is hard.

The other kind of assemblies in STEP is when assembly structure is defined in one STEP file, and parts (shapes of components) are defined in separate STEP files. This is called assembly with external references. Open CASCADE translator in Development version 4.0 can read such assemblies if externsl references are conformant to STEP AP214 standard. External references that are defined differently (e.g. like in STEP AP203) are not recognised currently.

Best Regards, Andrey

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I think that OpenCASCADE DataExchange Module does not support STEP assemply file well. My sample STEP files are written in single STEP file.

But when I try read this file, ImportExport example program can not read this file.

I think that DataExchange Module has some bugs.