IGES and solids

I have this solid here and get the message:

Report: 6 unknown entities.

And dont't understand why? I have a solid!

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Dear James,
You have compound of 6 faces.
You may check type of just read shape.
If you want to keep in iges file a shape of type Solid,
use the corresponding write mode(variable ' modecr') ==> BRep.
In last case you will be able to read back a solid.

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"use the corresponding write mode(variable ' modecr') ==> BRep."
I use B-Rep

"You may check type of just read shape."
To check? I read this like in the example (doc) with ... or what do you mean?

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Dear James,
See chapter "5. 2. 1 Topological types" of the "Modeling Data User's Guide".

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and how can I use that with IGESControl_Reader???

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Because of all your questions along this board it would be better if you first try to understand the included samples like "Import Export" for importing different file types. There you can see how to import an IGES file.
And "Viewer 3d" for visualization of your files.

Have a look at iges.pdf - Chapter 2 "Description of the process".

I developed my application after trying to understand the samples and this chapter and i'm able to import your attached *.igs file without any problems.


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I don't know how to set the parameter ...

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it does not work with IGES as B-Spline

IGESControl_Reader myIgesReader;
Standard_Integer nIgesFaces,nTransFaces;

IFSelect_ReturnStatus status = aIgesReader.ReadFile ("\\..\\");

Standard_Integer ic = Interface_Static::IVal("read.iges.bspline.continuity");
Interface_Static::SetIVal ("read.iges.bspline.continuity",2);

if (status == IFSelect_RetDone)