Install on Linux

Hello everyone,

Anyone has ever try yo install OCC5.1 on a Linux OS?

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I have installed OCC5.1 on Mandrake 8.2

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Did you have to install any extra packages which are not part of the Mandrake 8.2 distro?
THX for reply!

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I didn't have to install extra packages.
What is the problem?
I have installed OCC 5.1 without problems.
You have to launch Install.csh file and wait.
Good luck

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Thanks guys, i will try it again

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Hello everyone,

Anyone has ever success in installation on LINUX OS(rh8.0 or rh9.0)?

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I've installed OCC5.1 w/out problem under PH9.0 and it's clone ASP9.0

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What is th PH9.0 ?
Maybe not RH9.0 ?
There is nobody succeed in installation on RH9.0 or another RedHat OS ? ? ?

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I had problems to compile OCC under Mandrake 8.0. I took this distro because it's mentioned in the OCC requirements. For example autoconf and automake are not part of the 2CD Mandrake 8.0 distro.
To be honest, I'am lookoing for the easiest way to check out devemopement with OCC under Linux for my employer. To do this, I would like to experiment with the qt tutorial application.
I recently managed to compile OCC under redhat 8.0. But I still could not run ./configure of the tutorial, because it could not find the OCC libraries, which were actually where they were supposed to be.
So I tried Mandrake 8.0 to meet the requirement even closer. But still no success. Do you think OCC compiles without problems with a clean installation without any external packages under Mandrake 8.2 (after adding the env.csh/ksh Skripts)?
Thanks for your help!

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Dear Peter.
Hello. Please help me.
I got a same or similar problem with OCC5.1 installation in RedHat 9.0
In my opinion, System requrement and environment got his location.
But System don't know where is the library and header files.

What's the problem?
I ask your question for this problem.
Maybe you got a solution for OCC installation in LINUX,
Please give your advice to me..

Thank for your interesting.

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I have not gotten it to work on my Mandreak Linux 9.2 yet.
I am still tring!