Installing and getting OCC to work


I am having trouble installing OCC.
I am using a Laptop: Acer Aspire 3600.
Can't recall what processor. (Should have thought to look before entering this forum).
SeaGate hard-drive 100G
I have 2kmg of RAM
The OS is Ubuntu 12.4

I have installed OCC only to find when I start it I get a terminal box, then a box with the heading DRAW in it, the menu has [file, views, display].
I was told to check requirements, it suggested downloading a nvidia "Gforce driver".
I have gone to the Ubuntu Software Centre and installed nvidia X.Org driver (current driver).
I still have no program.
What have I done wrong, and what must I do to get this working??

I notice a lot of problems and issues in the forum, I hope this isn't going to require weeks of knuckle busting and a sub-par performance situation.
Everything works on this Laptop at the moment, hate to see issues because of a driver install.

Thanks for any help.


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Dear Allen,
You can check an operability of DRAW application.
In terminal window you should have a prompting of the DRAW like the next:
DRAW []>
Print the next set of Draw commands:
DRAW [1]> pload ALL
DRAW [2]> vinit
## after the last command a window titled "Test3d" should appear
## if it is not the case you should check/update your visualization driver.
## if the window appeared print the next commands
DRAW [3]> box b 100 100 100
DRAW [4]> vdisplay b
DRAW [5]> vsetdispmode 1
DRAW [6]> vfit
You will see presentation of the just created box in shading mode.

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Dear forum supervisor,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Terminal reply after typing (DRAW [1]> pload ALL) was:

invalid command name "1"

If it makes any difference the command line in the terminal comes up:

Draw[1]> Draw[2]>

without typing it, (as soon as the terminal opens).

I apologize for not being more versed in understanding command lines, I simply don't have the time to learn the inner workings of operating systems. I wish I did!

What have I done wrong here?


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One additional thing, I am copying and pasting commands for accuracy.

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Dear Gibson,
As I told you in my previous post - "DRAW [1]>" is a pure DRAW application's prompting (figure '1' is a part of Draw prompting).
So, you should copy only command itself.
For details see "Test Harness User's Guide" available with public release of OCCT.

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Hello Forum Supervisor,

Thank you again for your help.

And again, I apologize for my lack of knowledge as too how command lines work. I'm sure it is inconvenient to have to deal with such inane questions.

I hope I have understood your instructions properly this time, is the following response useful?

Draw[1]> Draw[2]> pload ALL
could not open: FWOSPlugin ; reason: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
could not open: FWOSPlugin ; reason: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Could you please provide a link to the "Test Harness User's Guide"
so you don't have to deal with my bothersome questions.
I am unable to find this resource.

In an effort to speed this process; is it possible to call someone to help me get this program installed?
If it is possible, the number and time zone please.

Have a pleasant day.

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Dear Allen,
1) => cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
It means that your environment settings are incorrect.
First of all check, please environment variable CASROOT.
This problem (or analogical) many times discussed on the Forum.
See for example thread
I do hope you will find all necessary information at this post.
2)"Test Harness User's Guide" is available wit ordinary public release.
See sub-directory ...\OpenCasCade6.5.4\doc\ .

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Dear Allen,

maybe you have wrong expectations as to what OCC is.
OCC is not a CAD program, but a library which can be used by programmers to build CAD-based programs.
In the Samples-folder in the Windows Start-Menu you can find some simple examplary applications.