Interests in the opencascade - looking for possibilities

I'm very interested in the open-sourcing of the opencascade libs. However I'm wondering what the possibilities will be for developing apps and what we'll actually be able of doing - will we for example be able to create (easily) a CAD platform for linux/unix or will it only serve best as a library to support your graphics programs?

I'm anxiously waiting for this site to get updated to a full-documented web place...


Francois Lauzon's picture

You will be able to create a CAD platform quite easily. It is much more than just a geometric library, it has all the display structure to support the geometric object, with dynamic selection capability, dynamic highlighting, etc... And it support OpenGL. So use it here with the Qt library for the gui stuff, all we do is using the CasCade Opengl viewer and put Qt gui around it... It think you got the idea, just wait december 20 to see more.