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Hi, My name is Jens Kilian and I'm interested in porting Open CASCADE to the Be Operating System (BeOS). In a previous job I worked on a similar application, but I'm doing the port in my spare time. I've downloaded the code and am in the process of getting the Foundation Classes to compile; there are very few problems, all of them in the operating system specific code (memory manager and OSD). I noticed that there seem to be two substantially identical memory managers, one in Standard/Standard.cxx and another in Standard/StandardCSFDB.cxx. Both seem to be used. I haven't found any references in the documentation as to the existence of the two memory managers; can anybody explain why two are needed, and how they are used in the code?

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StandardCSFDB.cxx includes Standard.hxx and is used for persistency things and therefore defines Standard_Persistent, which is aequivalent to Standard_Transient for non persistent classes.

So as you can see both are needed. If you do not inherit from Persistent classes, then you don't need it.

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I made a mistake: It does not define it. It USES the persistance classes. Sorry.

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Porting on BeOS is an interesting problem. Can you keep us informed of all the problems you have encountered ? What is the behaviour of the compiler ? Did you encounter problems with the porting of OSD ? Is it Posix ? What about the graphic interface ? Can you use shareable libraries ?

All these informations will be important for others.

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