IntTools_ShrunkRange::Perform fails

I have a data set from Autodesk Revit which creates a facetted shape to an accuracy of 1e-9. When I try and build the shape in Opencascade and cut a simple shape from it using BRepAlgoAPI_Cut I get a warning/error 6 indicating that the Shrunk Range is wrong, the message is
[PreparePaveBlocks()] Max.Dummy Shrunk Range for Edge 254
Digging into the code the problem is in IntTools_ShrunkRange::Perform checking the condition if (t11>t2 || t12

The problem is that t1 and t2 are equal therefore this will always fail and raise an error. Can anyone advise why t1 and t2 are equal? I have seen comment that this may be due to tolerances but mathmetically I don't see how this can be. Does anyone know what causes the shrunk range to return equal values for the first and last parameter so that I may track down a solution in my data please

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Dear Steve Lockley.

t1 and t2 must not be equal.
[t1,t2] is just parametric range for 3D-Curve of the edge.
If you have t1=t2 then the edge (Edge 254) is not valid.

Try to use BRepCheck_Analyzer on the arguments of

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Dear Lodyzhensky
thanks for this reply, I will run the checks as you suggest. I sense this may be an error in the data I am inputting, do you know what condition in the data might cause t1 and t2 to be equal (is it an overlapping face?)

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I have run BRepCheck_Analyzer which reports that the shape is Valid, I have also run the Shape Analysis tools and they report no errors either.
The BRepAlgoAPI_Cut class only creates a warning, rather than an error about the Shrunk Range but if I ignore this warning and continue to process the cut it fails in
void TopOpeBRep_FacesFiller::VP_PositionOnL(TopOpeBRep_LineInter& L)

due to an error in the destructor

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Just in case anyone can help attached is the BREP file of the shape that is causing my problem, at the moment I find this hard to read but am hoping one of the experts might see the problem

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Hi Steve,
Nevertheless simple test shows that the provided shape is not valid:

Draw[7]> restore faultyShape.brep fa
Draw[9]> whatis fa
fa is a shape SOLID FORWARD Free Modified

Draw[10]> checkshape fa
On Shape faulty_1 :
On Shape faulty_2 :
On Shape faulty_3 :
Shape faulty_3 on shape faulty_4 :

Faulty shapes in variables faulty_1 to faulty_4

So, you may try to rebuild the shape checking sub-shape validity after each step more accurately.

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Really appreciate this help Sergey, so basically I have been given a shape from Revit that has Wires that intersect, since i only have simple bounded faces here can I assume this means that I have bounded faces that intersect. Do you know if there is any ShapeFix tool that would find these faces or wires and resolve them?

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output informs you that some wires of your shape are invalid.
For analysis and fix you may use API of ShapeAnalysis and ShapeFix packages.
If you will not succeed I would suggest you to make request for the dedicated
customer support -