IRC Channel - worthwhile?

Hi Folkes,

I was wondering if it would be worth us all using an internet relay chat channel for discussing and sorting out simple problems in real time? I'm prepared to put some effort into getting this up and running.

I'd propose #opencascade on freenode unless anyone has a better suggestion.


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It'd be great, as long as people who really understand this library be there and willing to help.

#opencascade on FreeNode sounds good.

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Participation is going to be an issue initially but hopefully if everyone sees a benefit from it it will be worth it.


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Personally I would like to see more involvement of the OpenCascade team to provide up-to-date tutorials, articles, a knowledge base and why not a Wiki system and something like the Qt labs (Occ labs ?).
That would be great.

And what about official GUI bindings for Qt, WxWidgets, etc. ? 3D engines bindings with Ogre, OpenSceneGraph, etc. ?

To me the OpenCascade technology is an amazing piece of software and as no equivalent in the open-source world. It deserves a good help and web-based infrastructure. Lots of OpenCascade users would really appreciate that it becomes reality.

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I completely agree. I think alot of the problem with OCC is that it it is hard to find out the information you need on how to do something. The user documentation is good but the references i frequently look at are only available in PDF form and are not web searchable.

I think a Wiki is a great idea too. Personally I'd love to see alot more OCC developers on an IRC channel so that we can share and spread the knowledge between each other.

I'd be willing to host the Wiki if nobody else has interest in doing so.

Many other opensource projects i've been involved in such as GDAL/OGR have channels on freenode.


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We could use the Wiki on my qtocc sourceforge site as a Qt knowledgebase - if anyone is interested, you can email me on [pdolbey at users dot sourceforge dot net].

I've already started an OpenCascade 6.3 patch SVN repository at

Its taking me time to sort out what has already been fixed and what still needs patching - so far I've only got the ZBUFFER "triedron" patches ported to 6.3.


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I suggest to use some of those free PHPBB free hosts. The administrator could put a chat module inside the forum, so that other people could read the discussions. And more important - our community needs very much a forum with differentiated sections for easier navigation. Not a huge flat list of thousands of topics.

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I Completely agree. The biggest problem with opencascade isnt the lack of participation in the forum or the lack of documentation. Its the organisation of all of the above. The searchability / sectioning of the information here is frankly pathetic.

So lets make things better. I am using the IRC channel for anyone who is interested in conversing that way. Should be helpful for people having installation problems.

I have a domain and website up that i can host a forum on and am happy to do so for the time being.

Before we start i'd like to throw open the discussion on what the top level sections should be.

Installation - Probably where people want to go first if they're having trouble and likely to be able to answer *most* peoples problems with an FAQ.

Personally I'd love to see more examples of simple topological operations in a thread as I deal mainly with topology. Common geometry problems solved/answered.

Ideas people?

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Just be sure good solutions in the forum go to a Wiki, specialy those dealing with topological operations.

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I have set up for those wanting to participate.

For those wishing to be moderators please email me at sleary _at_

I would apprieciate help and advise on this. This is all out of my own pocket so please dont give me abuse over it.


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I have a wiki running at Its only just up and its free for everyone to use. If you have trouble email me at

sleary _at_