Is this a known problem of OCCT?

I created two BREPs (e.g. one sphere, one box), and part of them are overlapped. When I move the mouse over the overlapped part, sometimes the BREP in front was highlighted, which is expected, BUT sometimes the BREP in the back was highlighted.

Does anyone experience similar problem? Is it a known bug or feature?

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Many programs behave this way. It sounds like it is finding the edge nearest an infinite line projected out from the cursor, and highlighting the object that edge belongs to.

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Thanks for your reply, Mark. So there is no fix for this?

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The Interactive Objects visualized at Neutral Point are activated with their default selection mode. You should deactivate those which you don't want to use or all. See AIS (application interactive services).

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Hi, sergey:

Thanks a lot for your response. Just tried:

Deactivate (const Handle(AIS_InteractiveObject)&anIobj, const Standard_Integer aMode)
Deactivate (const Handle(AIS_InteractiveObject)&anIObj)
DeactivateStandardMode (const TopAbs_ShapeEnum aStandardActivation)

I still got the same behavior, i.e. when clicked on the overlapped part, the object at the back got selected sometimes.

Any other advices?

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Definitely it should work. There is no possibility to say something without source code.
Try in addition to use next method IntObject->UnsetSelectionMode();

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Hello James,

We have at least one bug for the problem of this kind (ID OCC21656); it will be fixed in OCCT 6.4