Loading STEP file crashes on EdgeLoop



I am having trouble opening (Transfering) a specific STEP file I received for testing. I cannot share this file, but it is quite big, and exported from SolidWorks (see the screenshot of the STEP file, FileInfo.png).

The code I use is pretty simple, as shown in ReadCode.png. This worked so far for other files I tested, though I am not sure any of them came from SolidWorks. I am using OpenCascade 7.2.0.

The problem occurs in the Transfer() function, when it tries to Translate an EdgeLoop while Translating a Face.

An Edge is DownCast to a StepShape_EdgeCurve, but the result is NULL, maybe because the edge is actually a StepShape_OrientedEdge?

Is SolidWorks doing something that is not supported by OpenCascade out of the box?

Also, I noticed that, for example, FreeCAD is quite able to open the file, and I thought it uses OpenCascade as well. Some other applications are also able to open it.

I am not entirely sure what I am doing wrong, or what these other applications are doing right/extra to handle these cases.

The only other thing I can think of, is that I am building a DLL, an so exception handling might not work properly...


EDIT: I see from some logging the following error occurs for a number of entities:

Report : 12 unknown entities.
*** ERR StepReaderData *** Pour Entite #1316
    Type:EDGE_CURVE  Param.n0 4: #0 Non trouve
*** ERR StepReaderData *** Pour Entite #1316
    Type:EDGE_CURVE  Param.n0 3: #0 Non trouve​



Any ideas?

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Your callstack looks similar to another registered issue:

I'm no STEP expert, so I cannot comment if it is something wrong in STEP file, or STEP reader does not handle some scenario, but anyway, crash should be fixed at least by necessary NULL checks.

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Thank you!

I did decide for a while to add some null checks, which worked to get around the problematic items, but I am very reluctant to modify OCC itself, rather than my own code.

I seem to have found my problem though, so I will post it here.

Today I found a post on the FreeCAD forums: https://forum.freecadweb.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=28341#p229955

This mentions possible issues with STEP files containing p-curves for geometry.

I added the following line to my own code, and no more crash during Transfer():

Interface_Static::SetIVal("read.surfacecurve.mode", 3);

(Which I found about in the OpenCascade documentation here: https://www.opencascade.com/doc/occt-7.2.0/overview/html/occt_user_guides__step.html )