Lofting through non-planar wires

Dear All,

I have a slightly adventurous algorithm to generate a propellor blade geometry using BRepOffsetAPI_ThruSections. The problem I face is that build takes too long (> 30 mins) but still doesn't give a result. I am unable to isolate the cause of the issue thus, I'm going to elucidate the algorithm with a hope that it helps resolve this.

The section wires for the Offset are generated by projecting an interpolated BSpline curve as a prism on a cylinder. I create the prism using BRepPrimAPI_MakePrism and find the intersection with the cylinder using BRepAlgoAPI_Section. I then use TopExp_Explorer to find TopABS_EDGE from BRepAlgoAPI_Section.Shape().

Subsequently, I Add these wires to the BRepOffsetAPI_ThruSections instance and call Build() which runs for a long time neither converging nor generating an error. How could I proceed to resolve this issue? What could be going wrong?

Thanks & Best Regards!