Looking for cooperation partner

Our company is developing a new CMM Software within .NET, C#, WPF environment. Our company has got about 1000 employees and is located in the near of Cologne, Germany.

We are interested in having a cooperation with some kind of occ expert company (ideally german speaking), that can help us developing with occ. From out point of view, there would be many ways to do a cooperation: i.e. usage of existing products by licence (.NET API / Wrapper, Viewer, ...), developing of source code by order, giving answers to our questions, optimization of our source code, ...

We are generally interested in all kinds of cooperation because we think, that dealing with occ is not our main business. At this moment I have no idea how to find a good partner (google searching gave no useful results), so my idea was to post at this forum.

So it would be very kind, if someone would suggest how to find a occ expert company.

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Dear Sir,

We sincerely believe that the best expert in Open CASCADE Technology you can find on the market is OPEN CASCADE Company - the native developer and maintainer of Open CASCADE Technology, our open source software platform. As you might know, the core business of our company is to provide custom development and support services to our customers and, as it seems, it is exactly what you are looking for. We shall be glad to contact you shortly in person to provide you further information.

Best regards,
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If your needs relate to 3D data interoperability as well as general software optimization (performance, parallelism, quality and reliability, etc), we would be happy to work with you. I am certainly open to cooperation with the OCC expert team.
Please feel free to drop me an email at roman.lygin@cadexchanger.com.

Thank you,

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If you interested in single developers or have some specific job in OCC Technology, I will glad to see your messages.

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Dear Mr. JH

We are CAM software service providers from India. Please visit our website www.cncsoftwareindia.com for more details. We have vast domain knowledge in CMM as well as Milling/Lathe CAM product development. Apart from software programming skills with C++, C#, .NET etc., we have good understanding of DMIS, i++ formats for Ranishaw controllers, probes and CAD functions for offline programming of CMM machines. Please write to us as cncsoftwareindia@hotmail.com for more communication. We actively use OCC in our end user CAM product named EagleCAM. (www.eaglecadcam.com) Thanks & Regards.

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Dear JH, I am eager to get in touch with you for possible business relations with your company. Kindly provide your email address for further communication. Regards, Abhijit Kumthekar.

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Hello JH,
Our company is located near Munich. We develop solutions for CAM applications. Our product is an automatic feature recogniser which works fine with OCC. We think that our product could be useful for CMM applications too, especially when we can get the PMI data from CAD systems. Please look www.tongtai-tech.com and contact me using email@tongtai-tech.com. And we speak German.

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Is new CMM software on DMIS basis?
I DMIS programming with experience about 15 years.
Software tester would also be interesting.
I also program assistance programs with VB.NET, MS SQL