memory consumption to display points !!!


to test consumption of display/select point, I change code of AISSelect mfc sample CAISSelectDoc::OnBox()to create an display 1000 point an to show display/select memory consumption.

memory consumption with "myAISContext->Display(aPnt);" --> 6 Mo !!!!

and without :

try it, it's crazy to display just points !!


the code in AISSelect is below :

void CAISSelectDoc::OnBox()

for(int k = 0; k {
gp_XYZ A(1,2,3);gp_Pnt P2(A);
TopoDS_Vertex aVertex = BRepBuilderAPI_MakeVertex(P2);
Handle(AIS_Shape) aPnt = new AIS_Shape(aVertex);

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just a precision...

If I keep vertex and AI_Shape in member's arrays of CAISSelectDoc Class, the memory consumption without "Display(aPnt)" is 1.4 Mo...

in conclusion there is 5.5 Mo consumption more for just display 1000 Pnts...


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If I Add correction of Cherenkova Marina on Pen & Brush in W32_Allocator.hxx and WNT_Allocator.cxx

and correction

* free windows ressources

in OpenGl_tXfm.c --> loadTexFont(char* fontName, TM_FONT_HANDLE* fontHandle)

I have always the same consumption...5.5 Mo

If I Add points in a unique compound, comsumption decrease to 500 Ko ...

the problem comes from display/select a lot of shapes...


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it's because it's a bad idea to create one AIS_InteractiveObject per point.
the best way is to develop your own AIS_InteractiveObject for displaying all your points in one shot.


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it's just an example to illustrate the problem with the most simple object. It's possible to have an application with a lot (> 10000) of selected objects (FEM or other..). It's not a bad's a possible reality ! it's strange to consumpt ~ 6 ko (!!!) to display/select just on point wich is a very simple geometry...


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in Rhino3D (owner CAD libraries) consumption for 1000 points is 250 Ko ...

in Allibre (ACIS CAD libraries) : 10 Mo...

if you have others examples with others cad softwares


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It is because each object in OpenCascade must instantiate ANOTHER object to have a visualization. This is a very memory consuming approach, not a good solution for displaying many objects.