Merge planes


I have a problem with the data in STEP file. When I convert from SolidWorks to STEP file, all the cylinders are divided into 2. It means that there is a line separating the plane into two parts. The same problem happens with Cone, Torus...

My question is: Does anyone know how to merge these 2 parts into 1 integral part?  If we cannot merge them because of format of STEP file, any command to get the exact quantity of planes like "the_number_of_planes_in_part/2"?

Because I want to identify these planes and if I cannot merge them, it will affect to the result of next steps.

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try the class ShapeUpgrade_UnifySameDomain

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Hello liuhuiwei,

Sorry for reply late.

The class in your answer worked but in my project I need to identify the index of faces so if I use this class, all of my faces which have the same properties like cylinder... will have the same index. Do you have any solution to merge faces but also keep the index of faces?

I'm waiting for your answers.

Thank you.