MFT Font, FontMap...

I've been looking for different ways to use font in a 2d view and there is the MFT package that looks very interesting, but the documentation don't really tells how to use it. Does someone use MFT before, probably Matra did. Could someone give me a small example on how to create a Font Map using MFT.

Thank you, Francois.

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Hi Francois,

for using MFT fonts, it's only necessary to set the symbol CSF_MDTVFontDirectory with the correct MFT font path (i.e: ..../src/FontMFT) which contains a lot of usable fonts ANSI, JAPANESE and CHINESE.

and second, use a Xw_Driver under UNIX or LINUX or a WNT_WDriver under WNT.

See also Aspect_Driver.

NOTE that if the parameter "useMFT" is set to FALSE, only the system fonts are usable and NOT the MFT fonts.

Best Regards