Modifying sub shapes of a TopDS_Shape topology (using C# wrapper)

Hi there,
I have loaded a BRep file and got a TopoDS_Shape out of it. Now let's say I want to move one TopoDS_Vertex around and afterwards this movement should effect the whole topology automatically (readjusted edges, wires, faces,...). How can I achieve this? I only got the single shapes as copy, by using 'elementsAsList' on the top level shape and now I move only the copy. Do I really have to reconstruct the whole shape after that? I am using the C# wrapper.
Thanks for any help!

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I have found some different stuff but still I am not sure if such "updating of the topology" is supported by OCCT.

What I found so far are methods like BRep_Builder::UpdateVertex() or the stuff you can do with BRepTools_ReShape.

Furthermore I have found out a bit about the OCAF, it could help to implement or even offer the updating behavior I want, I guess.

Can anyone give me a clue if the mentioned things are leading to the right direction or if I have misunderstood them?