Multi-sampling Issue


I am currently developing a viewer application using OpenCascade 7.3.0. I have based the initial framework off the WPF_D3D sample, using a D3DHost_View to update the source of a WPF D3DImage.

I have been trying to enable Multisampling and when I change the NbMsaaSamples to a value greater than 0 the sampling is correctly applied but the view is rendered inverted. (See attachment, left has no sampling, right has NbMsaaSamples = 32)

Is there a setting im missing that could be causing this?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

This is a current limitation of WPF_D3D sample, it doesn't support flipping output buffer for OpenGL->Direct3D conversion in case if buffer defines MSAA samples.
You may consider contributing OCCT a patch or contacting Open CASCADE support services to solve the issue.