naked open cascade engine

Hi. I was wondering if someone could tell me where are the classes that do tcl embeding. I will like to remove them since my app is solely based on c++ and i do not want to ship extra dll.

p.s. plz take the time even if it is a stupid question !

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The thing you need to do is look in the linking scripts for your platform. The ones that link to tk/tcl are the ones you don't want to use.
Also, if you want to prune it down even more, you can grep for and in the inc directory.
That will show you which files need tcl and tk.

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Open Cascade provide several Modules : FoundationClasses , ModelingData , ModelingAlgorithms , Visualization , DataExchange and ApplicationFrameWork. For all this Modules, Tcl is Not mandatory.

Some other modules are provided : these modules provide testing tools for the Visualization ( Viewer ), Modeling Algorithms ( Draw ) and Data Exchange ( DrawDE ) modules.

For these modules , Tcl is mandatory .