No executable to run OpenCascade

I installed OpenCascade on Windows 7 using installation file from but after the (full) installation I don't see any executable to actually run the software... The content of my OpenCASCADE6.5.1 directory is:
Folders: 3rdparty, data, doc, ros, samples
Files: LICENSE, unins000.dat, unin000.exe
Any idea what's going on? I wouldn't be suprised to learn it's something silly on my side, but I just don't see what could it be.
I tried removing the software and installing it again with freshly downloaded wizard three times, same story each time.

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OpenCASCADE is not a program, it's a set of libraries to write your own programs.

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Oh my, so I indeed was silly. Then any insight on how long would it take a guy with good grasp of programming to get it up and running to make a CAD with it? I know that's not a well defined questions, but would it be an order of days, weeks, months?

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Dear Jakub,
I would suggested you
1) open a documentation file %OpenCasCade6.5.1\doc\overview\index.htm
2) pay your attention at the "Welcome to Open CASCADE Technology\Getting Started" chapter
3) try to run samples referred in "Open CASCADE Technology\Getting Started\Programming Samples\MFC" chapter.
I hope it will give you some idea what is the OCCT libs and how to work with it.

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Hello Jakub,

(depending on the complexity of the CAD you're planning, of course) it would probably take months... and a lot of coffee ;)

OCCT has a rather flat learning curve, I guess (just an opinion of an average programmer).


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Best bet would to be to and grab something like FreeCad or similar from sourceforge.


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HeeksCad is another good choice.