Ocaf and UAttribute

Hi all, I've a question about using UAttribute in Ocaf document. If I need to define an UAttribute that contain for instance a reference (as C++ pointer) to my C++ Object, How do I do to define this attribute? I don't understend if I need to define a new class that inherit from UAttribute. Is there somebody that provide me an example?

Thanks Fabrizio.

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Hi Fabrizio,

UAttribute isn't supposed for storing any reference. The only purpose of UAttribute is to store arbitary GUID. For example if there is a need to assign to the TDF_Label a semantic.

To have attribute that stores a reference to some C++ object you need to create your own attribute that inherits from TDF_Attribute, redefine its virtual methods (only Paste, Restore, NewEmpty and ID have to be mandatory redefined) then add methods to Set/Get your reference and a field to store it in the attribute.

That's enough to have a Transient version of the attribute.

Best Regards