OCAF Sample (Please help me)

Hi All,

Could somebody please verify this for me please. When I run the OCAF example in the MSVC++ debugger it throws a plugin failure exception. I am linking with the debug libraries and set the MSVC++ compiler option to use the Debug Multithreaded DLL libraries.

This is becoming a real headache for me, I am trying to get a very simple OCAF application running but get this plugin failure whether running debug mode or not in my app. So I wanted to check the state of the application when failure occurs with the OCAF sample. But obviously this is pointless if the OCAF sample throws an exception too.

I am trying to create an OCAF app using FLTK on windows (NT). If somebody has done this, maybe they could send me the skeleton of their code so I can compare.

Please please help me I have been trying to resolve this for over 2 weeks now.

I am using. ----------- Windows NT (SP6) OpenCascade 3.1. FLTK 1.0.10.

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year.


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Hello Simon.

I guess you have your plugin and resources enviroment variables set.

If your path points to the files try pointing only to the directory.

hope it works.