OCC v6.3, succesfull port to Borland Developer Studio

The latest version of OpenCasCade (6.3) has been succesfully ported to Borland Development Studio (BDS) version 10.It has been tested against the free explorer edition , but there is no reason why it should not work with the latest commercial edition.The package contains as usual pre-compiled release and debug versions of the library (excluding WOK and Wrappers).

The directory structure is :

1)./adm/win32/bds10 Project files
2)./adm/win32/bds10/diff Diff files from the original release
3)./adm/win32/bds10/rename_scripts Scripts to rename from .cxx to .cpp and vice versa

Also in the ./samples folder there are two small examples that demonstrate the use of OCC from within the borland environment (project options, initialization of the library etc ...).

Worth to mention is that the RTL doesn't have to be patched any more like in the previous version.Also an effort has been done in order to keep changes of the source tree under conditional defines so that the OCC team could easily integrate the changes under the current development version (any remarks or suggestions from the OCC team on this issue would be highly appreciated).

The library can be downloaded from :

If there are any issues (bugs, incompatibilities etc...) with the use of the library (OCC) then it would be appreciated to report them here or directly to me.

For any issues i can be contacted at :

[sfotis at gmail dot com]

With owner

Sioutis Fotios

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As, almost all of us, know, occ team has updated their release package, containing now the XmlTObjPlugin and BinTObjPlugin packages. In order to help users, that use the Borland port, an update to the package has been applied, in order to include the missing libraries, and their respective project files and dll's.Another change is the use of 7-zip (.7z) format for the compression of the library (cuts down the file size almost 40%).In case any user has problems un-"zipping" the library i can provide custom .zip file on request.

The library can be downloaded at :

Greetings to all !

Sioutis Fotios

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My greetings, I am working for quite some time with OpenCadscade 6.1.
For a compatibility problem I do it in Borland C + + Builder 6. I have read the FORUM and only encounter compatibility with newer versions of Builder,
? Can you make me a suggestion, if it is possible to reconcile the 6.1 version of Opencadscade with Borland C + + Builder 6?

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Hello migue !!

I have just seen this latest post , so i gave another reponse in your previous post :).Anyway ...

If you mean to compile OpenCascade 6.1 with Builder 6 then it is already done !! Precompiled package exists and you can search the forum a bit and find the link.Now if you would like to have 6.3 for Builder 6 then you can give it a try and create the project files , and compile the latest package ! Unfortunatelly i have no spare time for this effort , but i could help with some key issues !

Waiting for your thoughts

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Thanks you Fotis. I found this package (OCC_6_1_Builder_6.rar) in one of the threads of FORUM, it works perfectly.

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Fotis, forgive again, I plan to do something for Civil Engineering, using 3D modeling, among other things. I'm Architect and Developer in C/C + + (Builder an VS) for most of the time.
Can you help me with information about code made before, project, reference or help?

Thanks again

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Hello Migue !

Good to hear that you found usefull the Borland port of OCC.As it concerns your project i 'd be happy to contribute, if you will do something in open source(counting always the free time variable...).As it concerns the usage of OCC in Borland there is no diference than in MSVC or any other environment, so a good starting place for you might be the mfc examples found in original occ package.Also you can consult the forum for any issues or questions you may have (or must have if you begin now) with OCC.Also there are out there some open source projects that already use OCC and by searching a bit you can find them.Also have a look at the BDS provided examples in order to see better how to initialize OCC.Waiting for any questions...

Happy coding :-)

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Dear Fotios, I need a package: OCC_63_Borland.7z for my work. I tried to download it from this link:, but the link does not work. Could you send this package to my email: raids09@mail.ru

Have a good day.

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Hello Fotios, I would also like to give the "OCC_63_Borland.7z" file a try in Borland C. Do you think you can reupload it or have it sent at vladu11@gmail.com. Thanks!

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hello, Have you got the OCC_63_Borland.7z?If you got it,Can you send me it?thanks.