OCC6.2 and VMWare with windows xp host

Hi, we have been working since quite a lot of time ago on an application with OCC5.2. We finally decided to move to the new OCC6.2 version. We've found that it works on both gnu/linux and windows machines, but that if we run the windows version over vmware it crashes

We have also tried to run the examples and QtOpenCascade on these vmware and they crash as well.

Is there any solution for us?

Aleix Pol

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Can you elaborate? What errors are you getting? For WMware, what is the host OS and what is the guest OS?


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Host: windows or gnu/linux, doesn't matter
Guest: WinXP

the error appears when:
device = new Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice();


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it works fine for me with XPPro SP2 on XPPro SP2.
did you install the WMWare tools ?
it speeds up the display (and maybe do something better for OpenGL too... )


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This sound strange to me.
I worked a lot with OCC 6.1 on WindowsXP running under VMWare Server.

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Sounds like the old environment variable problem with CSF_GraphicsShr not pointing to your TKOpenGl.dll properly. Can you list your environment variables?


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Yes, thanks! This was the problem.

Removing this variable solved the problem!

Thank you very much.