Offset curve creation


I am trying to create an offset curve in test harness.

>> circle c1 50 50 0 30
>> offset o1 c1 200 1 0 0

The new offset curve is not displayed correctly.

Am I right or please comment ?


- Prasad

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I found the answer to your request in the fine manual. The section on Geom_OffsetCurve warns you, that the reference vector V must not be parallel to the tangent vector at any point on the curve, otherwise the offset curve is not defined. No check is made for this at the time of construction. (By reference vector they mean the direction of the offset.)

So, you should try,

>> circle c1 50 50 0 30
>> offset o2 c1 200 0 0 1

What I don't understand is that

>> offset o3 c1 200 0 1 0

raises an exception Geom_UndefinedValue, although in the constructor of the OffsetCurve class no check is made.



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