Open Cascade Component Browser

Open Cascade Component Browser is a Window port of the Cas.Cade Component Browser that came with Cas.Cade 2.0 on IRIX. It's two cgi applications, maketop.exe and makequery.exe that allow you to browse and search cdl files, and cdl files are a really good source of documentation for Open Cascade.

It came with the executable compile as well as a small configured Apache httpd server (source code is also included, you just need Qt 4.0). Just unzip on the root of your drive, configure the httpd.conf file and start occdoc.bat. Then, in your favorite browser try http://XXXX:8080/cgi-bin/maketop.exe, where XXXX will be you machine name.

Have fun!

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I forgot to tell, you can get it here:

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nice tool, it works

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I'm glad to see it!

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Is this download still available somewhere?


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The link seems to be broken...