is Open CASCADE Non-manifold?

Hi all

I was wondering if someone can answer a couple of questions about the upcoming Open Cascade release:

1. Does it support non-manifold models (general combinations of solids, faces and edges)? For example can two model regions share a common face? or can there be a face partially jutting into a solid region?

2. Is it extensible to include new types of geometric surfaces? I need the capability of working with faceted surfaces (faces made up of a concatenation of triangular patches).

Thanks for any info you can give me.

Regards Rao

Philippe Centa's picture

1.As far as Open CASCADE looks like CAS.CADE 2.1 it does support non-manfold topology data-structure.

2.As your question mentions it : you can work with "faces made up of a concatenation of triangular patches" but it would give slow performance I am afraid. CASCADE also features meshing or tesselation algorithms. It depends on what you need to do with your facets.