Open CASCADE Technology 6.7.0 beta version is available for testing


Dear Open Source Community,

OPEN CASCADE SAS is pleased to announce a beta version of Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) 6.7.0. This version is provided for beta testing only. It is intended for those users who are interested in having a preview of the forthcoming release and are ready to test it and to invest their time in detection and reporting of problems.

Find the details on this release and links to download it on OCCT development portal [1].

If you detect any regressions or critical problems with this version in your applications, please report them either in this thread or in Mantis, and we will do all our best to fix such problems before the release. The release is scheduled for the end of November, therefore early reporting of the problems is appreciated.

Thank you in advance for taking part in beta testing!



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I'm looking fwd using the GLSL shader integration, very curious about the ray-tracing integration.
Its really good to see the OGL implementation being modernized.
Also, I'm thrilled to see the documentation [1] being _much_ more complete...
Its great to see OCC releases more often and that important issues are being addressed.


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dear Supervisor,

What about showing off a couple of beautiful images of new features ( esp. ray-tracing )?

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Dear Forum Supervisor,

that is really great news! Can't wait to try out the new features!

On thing I noticed today is that CMakeLists.txt is missing from /adm/CMAKE directory, thus it is not possible to build OCCT from the sources with cmake. Is there any chance that this can be fixed soon?

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Ah, sorry, I see it was moved to the root folder of OpenCASCADE. Bad habits :)

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By the way, a quick question regarding the usage of the new ray tracing feature:

1. If I set the ray traced features ON (shadows, antialiasing, reflections) my triedron disappears from the viewer. 2. The model renders nicely, but if I call MoveTo from the AIS_InteractiveContext such that model is getting hilighted, the rendered and ray traced visualization changes back to the standard visualization, and the triedron appears again.

Is it the standard behavior, or I am setting up something in a wrong way?

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Great job, I love the new documentation and rendering!

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After installing OCCT 6.7.0 beta and starting Draw Test Harness I receive 4 error messages saying that \Device\Harddisk1\DR1 cannot be accessed.
My system is Win 7 64 bit.
Did anyone else experience this?


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Starting from OCCT 6.9.0 beta these error messages do not appear anymore.