Open CASCADE Technology & Products ver. 6.4


OPEN CASCADE S.A.S. is pleased to announce a new minor release of Open CASCADE Technology & Products (version 6.4). This release introduces almost 150 new features, modifications and bug fixes, over maintenance release 6.3.1.
Open CASCADE Technology 6.4 is now available for commercial clients and major contributors only and after a few months’ delay (presumably in December 2010 for OCCT 6.4) as a public release, available for the whole Open Source community.

Main improvements in this version:

Open CASCADE Technology

* Accelerated triangulation algorithms in BRepMesh package, due to using Intel® TBB external library for the paralleling tools and the memory manager.
* Use of freetype and ftgl external libraries for advanced 2D and 3D text visualization.
* Improvement of algorithms for line-line, line-plane and plane-plane intersection.
* New quaternion class for definition and manipulation of 3D rotation operators.
* New interactive object class in AIS package for displaying triangulation encapsulated in Poly_Triangulation object.
* List of supported Operating Systems and C++ compilers has been updated. Outdated Operating Systems are no longer supported. Please, see the Requirements page for details.


* New BestFit product, which computes the transformation minimizing the normal distance between the given cloud of 3d points and the given shape.
* New types of Boolean operations for surface meshes in Open CASCADE Mesh Framework (OMF) product.
* New methods to read and write SAT data to streams in Open CASCADE ACIS SAT Interface product.

Detailed information is available in Release Notes ( ).

Please, feel free to contact us for more information ( ).

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Congratulations Team !
Looking forward to seeing into it.

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OCC is alive and kicking! Wonderful!

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Excellent news, definitely : fixes, more features, more external dependencies to free and open source libraries. I'm especially looking forward to benchmarking the new TBB based meshing algorithm, which is, according to me, the most important item of this new release announcement : OCCT enters the world of parallel computing. I don't remember, from the pre-announcement published on this forum a few weeks ago, that this feature was planned for the 6.4 release : a good surprise actually!

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I would like to ask some questions about the new Release that I have not seen in the Release notes.

First, in the announce of 2010/06/30 it is stated that a new e-viewer will be included in the package. Is it maintained?

The other question is related with visualization issues. In the V6.3 version the TKNIS library was given to us and it seems that it was a new approach to visualization in OCC. During these two years no much information has appeared although at least for me it has big advantages displaying basic elements like points or lines. In this new Release there are two new improvements that could affect in opposite directions:

New interactive object class in Ais package for displaying triangulation.
Accelerated triangulation algorithms using TBB. As far as I know it is possible to use BrepMesh:Mesh to mesh a surface and display it with TKNIS.

Which is the direction we can expect in the developement of visualization packages in OCC ?. Is TKNIS going to be improved / completed in the future?

It would be fine if we could see the public release in chirstmas :)


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Hi Supervisor,

Thanks for the information.

I would like to indicate you one "mistake" in the pdf release note: the title of the document (not its name, but I guess its title property in word or open office writer or in pdfCreator) is still "OCCT v6.2.1 Release Notes": you will see it if you open the pdf: it will be displayed in the border of the window (at least in Ubuntu).

Also, please could you indicate the status of the products?
Open or Closed Source?
Will they be shipped in OCCT 6.4 or do the OCCT community need to get a license to get access to those?

I thank you in advance for your feedbacks.

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This is to answer some latest questions:

1) Yes, the updated version of e-viewer is ready and it will be made available soon to our customers.

2) NIS is not a replacement of AIS but just another component that can be used for visualization in a particular project. We expect both components will evolve in parallel.

3) Our advanced products ( ) are commercial components that will be shipped to our customers who purchased the corresponding product license and maintenance."

4) The OCCT version in the Release Notes properties is corrected.

Best regards.
Forum supervisor