OpenCascade 5.1 Installation on Fedora Core

I'm trying to install OpenCascade on Fedora Core. I made the changes to the source to use sstream and std::strstream. The good news is everything compiles. But when I do the make install, it looks for libraries of the format libTKernel.0.0.0 which is there in adm/make/TKernel. But for other libraries libTKMath, the corresponding file doesn't exist. I have no idea what a .la file is either or how the library file may be generated using the .la files.

Can anybody tell me what I have to do to get these .0.0.0 files to be generated ? If I do a make all, it thinks nothing needs to be done in any of the directories.


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Shared Library lib*.so.0.0.0 were generated in my case when I ran into the make install stage.

You might want a complete rebuild of OCC. To do so, just

make clean
make all

finally when everything's OK, try .
make install

You might also want to update env.ksh or env.csh script to reflect your config

Good luck

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Aah! a complete rebuild will take forever!

What I did (Debian Sarge) was make a symlink to the proper library. If the real lib is at /lib/, and it can't find, do:
bob@bob:/lib$ln -s
You'll probably need to be root to do this.


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I am attempting the same and run immediately into trouble with the first source file it tries to compile. Can you describe the system you were using? I have an FC1 base install but have yummed it to be a FC2. I am wondering if that can be a problem. Secondly, I really do not have a clear picture of the prerequisites for the OpenGL sw stack. I am running a low end ATI card, but I have several links around my system (under /usr/X11 and /usr/local/lib). And then similar situation with the MESA libraries.

So any updates on where you are would be greatly appreciated.

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Well, I tried a full rebuild, let it run overnight. Same problem. Apparently there seems to be some problem with libtool so that the system doesn't generate the so files for the other libs. I have to read up a little more on libtool to see whether these .la files are the same as .so files or something altogether different. Damn libtool is so complicated, when I last looked to find out which file extension is which.

I don't think your problem has anything to do with yum to FC2. I think this library hasn't been built by anyone on FC!

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One of the dependencies that I think is not mentioned in the documentation is Inventor which has to be downloaded from

After that
source-directory/configure –prefix= --srcdir=source-directory --with-tcl=DIR --with-tk=DIR

My version of the source required modifications to the following

Requires modifications of files to use std::ostrstream and #include
Plugin_Macro.hxx: name##, remove ##

At the end, I think I'm running into some libtool problem. It seems the thing ships with its own 'libtool' and versijon 1.5 is installed on FC1.

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I am sorry to bother you with this old subject about missing ".so" suffix and other libraries like "TKMath" for OpenCasCade installation.
I have the same problem and then could you please some advices if you have?

Hong-Jun Kim