Opencascade and C#

Did anyone have experienced to use opencascade with C# ? Is it possible ?
(Sorry if this question looks stupid ;-) )

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Not dirtectly from c# but I have called opencascade (4) from managed c++ succesfully. The managed c++ created an interface that is called from c#.

One word of caution is that it is very expensive to cross that boundary between managed and unmanaged code.

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I've managed to create an ActiveX control using the OpenCASCADE library, and then display the control on a .NET (C#) form.


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Which version of OC is this for ? Is the Active X control available in source code form ?

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I'm interested to by this ActiveX
can you give us some more informations ?

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I have a set of C# wrapper classes (but not using P/Invoke) which would allow to load in IGES or STEP file and add shapes etc. in .NET using VS 2005.


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could you please share me the C# wrapper for open cascade..i would like to work on open cascade on .Net.


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