OpenCascade3.0 on a DEC AXP

I tried to install OpenCascade3.0 ( from the CD of Linux Magazine) on a DEC ALPHA AXP under SUSE6.2. The MESA library is well installed and I have all the libraries required for the code.... but nevertheless I cannot install it. I use the instruction : rpm -hiv OpenCascade-3.0-o.i386.rpm and I have instructions telling me that I need MESA... I suspect that it cannot finf the path.... Is it a bug from the CD of Linux Magazine ?

Another question : I did not see any Makefiles !!!!!!

Thank you for your help

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This OpenCascade-3.0-o.i386.rpm was made with a Mesa 3.0 version . I think you use a recent version . In the Mesa 3.0, the library was named .. and now That's why the instructions tells you that you need Mesa ( and I think it tells you you need Mesa 3.0 ).

You can ignore it by : rpm -i OpenCascade-3.0-o.i386.rpm --nodeps

For MakeFile you can find reconstruction script Files in adm/Linux .

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This simply will not work, the rpm you have is an i386 binary, if it was a source rpm it would have "src" where "i386" is. You also cannot compile the source from Matra's website, it uses the implict assumption that Linux is i386 and 32 bit. In this case, i386 and alpha are similar (in endian-ness) but the 64-bit Alpha will fail on the code that assumes 32-bit. There is a solution though!
See the Autoconf port for Open CASCADE at
There are modifications to the source that check for the machine's behavior and compile accordingly. This "branch" will eventually be integrated into Matra's CVS repository (I hope!) so that the problem you are having will eventually go away and many more platforms will be usable with Open CASCADE.