openGL dependency in liboce-ocaf-dev


For one of my projects, I am using liboce-ocaf-dev 0.18.2-2build1 packages on my Ubuntu 18.04. It looks like it has some inbuilt OpenGL dependency. I want to know what version of OpenGL dependency it is using or what OpenGL it is pointing to on my computer (if that's the case). I would also like to what version of occt release as listed on open cascade's website does the liboce-ocaf-dev 0.18.2-2build1 package map to?  

I need this information because I have been trying to upgrade to occt 7.4.0 and my application uses some OpenGL functions and APIs, after the upgrade I had to explicitly specify OpenGL libraries in the cmake of my application. Adding an incompatible OpenGL version is leading to some OpenGL function calls to not work. Earlier, probably it was using from whatever inbuilt OpenGL dependency the liboce-ocaf-dev package had. For the application to work correctly, I need to know what OpenGL version occt was using in its 0.18.2-2 Ubuntu package and add that specifically in my cmake.

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I think that you have missed TKOpenGl (which is a part of OCCT and thus should have the version consistent to other OCCT libraries) and OpenGL (libGL, system library).
libTKOpenGl links to libGL and has weak requirements (OpenGL 1.1, newer versions are loaded dynamically), which has not been changed for a long time in OCCT.