Opening the Development of Open CASCADE Technology

Dear Open Source Community,

Following our last June communication, OPEN CASCADE SAS is pleased to announce the official start of the project Opening the Development of Open CASCADE Technology.

At OPEN CASCADE SAS, we believe in the high potential of mutual work in open source for the sake of OCCT product evolution. We invite and welcome all potential contributors to join us and participate in the future of Open CASCADE Technology.

For supporting this project, a website dedicated to contributors is now available: If you wish to contribute to this project, please join us on that website.
Naturally, the purpose of this website ( ) remains unchanged: it addresses the needs of current and future OCCT users, especially through its downloads, documentation, user forum, and support areas.

Open CASCADE Support Team

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Congratulations OCC! This is a major step for the project...

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Dear Open CASCADE Support Team,

Congratulations and thanks for this major step forward! To my opinion this is greatly appreciated by the OCC community. In our particular case, the timing is perfect. Together with a consortium of international R&D partners, a research proposal was submitted two weeks ago that could be very beneficial for the OpenCascade community. If we get it funded I can (and will) disclose the technical details.

Marco Nawijn
Senior R&D Engineer
National Aerospace Laboratory

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Congratulations for your initiative, with wishes that it will bring further improvements to opencascade product !


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And congratulations from me on this major development to the future of OCCT.


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Good news!

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These are great news, but I am really puzzled by your Terms and Conditions. In particular (but not limited to):

4.1. OPEN CASCADE grants You a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use and
display on Your computer, or other electronic access device, the Content of the Website. You
agree not to copy, reproduce, make derivative works of, retransmit, distribute, sell, publish,
communicate, broadcast or otherwise make the Content available, on any media, entirely or
partially, including but not limited to for advertising or commercial purposes, without a prior written
consent of OPEN CASCADE, except as by providing the reference to the Website.

Since I will likely post to/copy from your bug tracker, I do not want to be bound by this statement. And more generally, I really dislike this legal stuff, the only consequence is to make sincere people go away, setting a checkbox certainly won't prevent malicious people from stealing your work.

Thus I am not inclined to request an account on for now and will continue to post here. Anyway, thanks for your initiative.

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Hi Denis,

Following your feedback, I'll check with our Legal Department what motivated this article and if we can remove it.

In the time being, Are there any other articles with which you disagree?


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Hello Denis,

IMHO this kind of legal statement is de-facto standard. For instance, Google groups that you are using to discuss OCE has similar statements in its Terms of Service, see section 3. I believe there should be some good reason behind this.


Denis Barbier's picture

Hello Andrey,

Please compare them carefully, they are very different (and yes, I did read Google's ToS carefully before deciding to use googlegroups ;)). If OpenCascade decide to use the same one, I would be more than happy. Compare for instance the subsection 6. "Your rights" with your 10.3.

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Following your remarks, the Terms and Conditions of Use of the site have been significantly lightened. You can have a look at


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Thanks Daniel,

These ones are fine by me, I have created an account.

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Thank goodness for that - don't know what would happen without you onboard :)


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Very good news! Thanks!